Thursday, May 31, 2007

This TB story's getting interesting. The guy who has it turns out to be a personal injury lawyer whose father in law is a microbiologist for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. His specialty at CDC? TB research.

Who Robin Cooked this story up?


fred said...

The Andromeda Strain all over again. I hope not. You all live back east. What do you have hidden away back there? This one will sell plenty of newpapers. Fred

Terrence said...

I won't go into the details, Fred, but there's this place called Plum Island between here and the eastern tip of Long Island. Very close. Too close some say. Microbiologists do animal illness research out there and there are those who think it's a prime terrorist target. Or an easy place for a mole to get in. Google this place when ya get a chance.