Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Every now and then I'll Google myself ( And every now and then someone will tell me: " Why doncha go Google yerself, pal. ) I'm just curious to see what's out there in cyberspace, with my name attached to it.

I've Googled myself in various ways.

Terrence McCarthy writer
Terrence McCarthy Rhode Island
Terrence McCarthy ( and a word or two related to whatever essay I'd written _

Sometimes I come up with a few hits. Sometimes not. Recently I had a career advice column published on Monster. Com's website.

So I just Googled myself, typing in:

Terrence McCarthy Monster

It was the most successful search I've done, so I guess that's it.

Terrence McCarthy Monster

That's the combination that works best. I'm not real sure I'm happy about this.


Terry said...


The action you refer to is known as a vanity search.

My name is sufficently unusual that if you type it into Google and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button it will take you directly to the home page of my blog.

There is one other Terry Cowgill on the Internet (a dentist in Minnesota), but otherwise I have it all to myself.

Nice blog, BTW.

Terry Cowgill

Terrence said...

Thanks for that, Terry. And I'm really happy you brought up the idea of " vanity. " In my efforts to garner readers, I've heard things like, " Oh I don't want to read any blogs ( Including mine ) ; they're all self -indulgent." Well, yeah. They are, some are, mine included, something akin to the personal essay. Montaigne being the daddy of that form. Montaigne wrote of his hemorroids. He kept the minutes of his own meetings. Vain? Sure.

I facilitate ( or try to, heh heh ) a writing workshop. Much of the writing that gets done there is memoir. I tell the students: Don't worry about being full of yourself. You ARE full of yourself, and the older you get, the fuller the vessel that is you gets.

You should make an appointment with that dentist in Minnesota. Now that 45 minutes or so would be something to write home about.

Thanks again for the comment