Thursday, May 24, 2007

YouTube - Failure to communicate - Cool Hand Luke (1967)

YouTube - Failure to communicate - Cool Hand Luke (1967)


Terry said...


Always loved that scene (and the one in which Luke eats 47 boiled eggs; or at least I think that's the correct number).

You should install plug-ins that allow you to embed Youtube videos right on your blog so your readers don't have to leave you to see them. I don't think it's hard to do. Look it up on the Blogger help section.

P.S. George Kennedy was brilliant in that film. I think he won an Oscar for best supporting actor that year.

Terrence said...

Thanks, Terry. Ya know, there were so many good flicks made betwen 67 and 72. Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, Sometimes A Great Notion, and one starring Tuesday Weld of all people. Filmed I think in Great Barrington. Pretty Poison.

George Kennedy was brilliant. I recall reading Deliverance when I was living in England. And casting it in my mind. I saw him playing the role Burt Reynolds landed.

Mr. Collins said...

I'm curious as to why you say "of all people" re Tuesday Weld. I thought there was general agreement that she had developed into a pretty good actress after being every young boy's heartthrob on Dobie Gillis. Her co-star in that movie was Tony Perkins. In the past few years I've made my own list of bad actors, especially those who others consider talented; but whom to me suck. It would be fun to discuss the whole list but Mr. Perkins, to me at least, is right near the top. Wonder how he had a relatively successful career.

Terrence said...

Funny how one doesn't think of the implications, not to mention the inferences, of the words one strings together. when I wrote " of all people, " what I meant was " I'll bet you haven't seen or heard this name in decades. " It wasn't meant to imply Tuesday Weld wasn't a fine actress. I know, at the point she was making Pretty Poison and, say, Play It As It Lays ( Based on the Joan Didion novel ) that she was highly thought of as a thespian ( No straight line intended, Terrance )...

All of which reminds me of a campaign slogan I came up with for the former Governor of Massachusetts. It was meant to get people out to the polls and vote for William W. The line:

If it's Tuesday, it MUST be Weld.

Eat your hearts out, speechwriters of America

Mr. Collins said...

the tuesday/weld line....funny