Thursday, May 31, 2007

Former Providence mayor Vincent " Buddy " Cianci made his first public appearance in five years yesterday, arriving at the half way house in which he'll be living like Brad Pitt slips into a restaurant.

Wearing a blue Polo baseball cap and dark glasses, Cianci walked past a few reporters who'd guessed which entrance into Coolidge House he'd be taking. It was the one in the back alley whose walls were thick with grafitti.

Whadja expect? Him to use the front door? That won't be happening anytime soon.

Cianci will stay at Coolidge house for a few weeks. He'll be doing a work-release tour of duty at a Boston Hotel ( Marketing and Public Relations ) then return to his East Greenwich RI home where he'll be under house arrest until July 28.

That's when he'll be totally free.

Rumors that Cianci might return to his old job as radio talk show host on Providence's WPRO resurfaced today. WRNI, the NPR station down here, reported that's what he would be doing come July.

That remains to be seen ( or, more accurately, heard. )

Buddy's return was greeted by the media here in Rhode Island like he was McCarthur going back to the Phillipines. His pictured was splashed all over the front page of the Providence Journal. Interstingly enough the grainy picture was attributed to WPRI-TV.

The Journal can't afford to send a photographer to Boston? No wonder I'm having a hard time getting my essays onto its op-ed page. But that's another ( news ) story.

The scoop du jour was WPR radio's Ron St. Pierre's. St. Pierre is a " friend " of Buddy's. I'm not sure if that's something I'd want on my resume if I were a newsman in Providence. St. Pierre had an " exclusive " interview with Cianci this morning.

How newsworthy was it? Not much. Didn't get much past:

How ya doin'?

OK, how YOU doin'?

Glad to be out?

Whaddyou tink?

So there you have it: Buddy's return. The story is breaking. There's gonna be more late breaking stuff. It's developing. There's gonna be lots of " This just ins. "

Stay tuned.


fred said...

Hey I live on the west coast. Who's this guy?

Terrence said...

Buddy was the mayor of Providence RI until a federal probe landed him in a New Jersey prison. He just got out yesterday. You'll probably be hearing more about him, even out there on the west coast. The Prince of Providence, a book written by a Providence Journal reporter has been sold to Hollywood. All kinds of speculation on who might play him. DiNero's name has been mentioned.

Fred said...

Cool a crook story. Did I ever tell you that my Uncle Frankie sat on the Superior Court in Rhode Island a long time ago. Look for Judge Francis Capalli. Now if that name in not a give away, nothing is. Fred

Terrence said...

You've lived out west all your life. And you're saying you had an Uncle Frankie who was a judge here in Rhode Island? This one and a half degrees of separation thing - these Rhode Island stories I keep hearing from people. Wow.

I'll look him up.

Fred said...

Uncle Frankie married my Aunt Ann. She was a show girl in New York. this was in the late 30's or early 40's. So that's how Rhode Island and Cleveland met. Anyow my cousin Richard Capalli is a law professor teaching somewhere in the Ivy League. I think maybe Brown (alumni), but I know it's big. I haven't seen him since I was a kid in Cleveland. His sister Patti is a world renown dress designer. I saw her in Reno a couple years ago. So that's the rich and famous of our family. So far. My son is next. That story to continue. Fred

Terrence said...

A dress designer? Oh, oh. I know a dress designer here. I wonder if...

Fred said...

Her name is Patti Cappalli, I just checked her designer coffee cup at my Mom's house. Anyhow my brother also told me Uncle Frankie also ran for the Senate. I don't know if it was state of federal. Fred