Thursday, May 3, 2007

've been thinking a lot about blogging lately. Why folks do it. Why they don't do it. Why folks read them and why some don't. The following ia an exchange I had today with another Terry McCarthy. This one is an identity theft mavin. I learned that a few months ago. Read something about him and emailed him saying I wanted my identity back. Just kidding, and he got the joke. He wrote back again today and I've added it to the Fence Post.

I think it's a good example of how blogging can be a " hood " in which interesting stuff happens, right around the corner.

The first thing that follows is my response to his email earlier today. The second thing's his email. The third one's my original email to him. BTW, Terry Cowgill of Connecticut, Terry Cowgill of Minnesota and Terry Collins, the gentleman genius from Jacksonville also play roles in what I thought was a pretty weird episode of Off The Fence Post...


( This is very strange ) Great hearing from you. And your email is far from boring. I'm in the process of encouraging folks to start blogs. Go for it! Interestingly, there are some more things we have in common. My wife and I are now looking for property in Myrtle Beach and we got back from Florida in January. We go down there in our camper. So the places to which you and your wife go to escape the northern chill. There are even some parallels between something I wrote last night as a response to a comment on Fence Post and your comment about not liking to talk about myself. I used to be pathologically shy and could go days without talking. I got over that as a result of my newspaper reporting and ad biz experience. I'm still quiet, but I " run off at the mouth " with my writing. I addressed this whole issue of talking about oneself on a blog to another newspaper guy in Litchfield County, Terry Cowgill.. Yes. TERRY Cowgill, whom I got to know as a result of another blog on which he and I and ANOTHER guy named Terry ( TerrAnce Collins ) an old friend are regular commenters. ( This is getting so weird and complicated that I'm not seeing straight here...

Maybe your wife could help me...)

Where was I?

Terry Cowgill informed me last night that he just learned there is ANOTHER Terry Cowgill in Minnesota. Who is a dentist. He learned this by " Vanity " Googling himself. Which is how I first learned about you.


Coincidences and synchronicity abound here. Please DO keep in touch. And I ask you to comment on The Off The Fence Post, which I'm delighted you're reading.

Keep in touch

Terry ( McCarthy of course )
----- Original Message -----
From: McCarthy,Terry W. TWM
To: Terry
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 12:12 PM
Subject: RE: Terry McCarthy here

Mr McCarthy

It has taken me forever to get back to you and I apologize for that. I am a CPA and I am just starting to get my life back. It seems we have a lot more in common than just a name - an important distinction at that - and we do have a bit of a unique spelling - the infamous"e".
I am writing you from Florida - Panama City Beach. My wife and I take about two weeks off each year after May 1st (it takes me that long to get to a point where I can get away without too much damage) to get reacquainted ( I work crazy hours from January 1 to May 1). We usually go to the beaches of Myrtle Beach or somewhere in Florida to spend time together - mostly lounging on the beach and reading pleasure books (my favorite is Grisham).
Because my job involves using the computer a fair amount, I don't usually get on it when at home and never when on vacation. This year is different however, as my wife Mary is an Optometrist and needs to do research for some case studies she is going to publish. I also did not understand the purpose of a blog, however yours is very interesting and well written. I might actually spend some time at it as you grabbed my interest.
The most ironic thing we have in common - other than the name - is that just prior to reopening your email this morning, I spent a little time at ebay researching tickets to my second passion . "How bout them Red Sox?" I have been a very loyal fan since 1967, when as a ten year old, I was smitten with the unconventional Carl Yaztremski, the team that went from last to first, had to fight hard to get there, and maybe most importantly for a nonconventional Upstate New Yorker, weren't the Yankees! Finding time to get to Boston and then finding tickets has always been a huge problem, but since my wife and two kids have jumped on the wagon as fans of the Sox, they have been encouraging me to take in a few games.
Just writing about myself now, which I usually avoid, I find myself understanding the blog idea more.
I hope I haven't bored you with my jabber, and do hope to start a dialog with you as apparently there is more to us than just our name!

Mr. McCarthy

Terry here. I want my identity back! Just kidding. Maybe it's just my Irish sense of humor, but I thought it was funny you popped up as I Googled myself this morning. Added the experience to my blog:

If you get a chance, peruse it.

Best, Terry McCarthy ( The Rhode Island 2.0 version )

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