Friday, May 4, 2007

"I Love You Sweatheart" by Thomas Lux

" An idiot friend, holding his legs... "

That's who I feel like at times, especially in the writing workshop I facilitate on Wednesdays.

I haven't heard from Lux in a while. He, too, is an EHS alum. Class of 65. He's now a bigwig in the English Department at Georgia Tech. Rubs elbows with Garrison Keillor, Michael Ryan and Stephen Dobyns. Major league writers. We used to write back and forth. That was then.

I was profiled in the Hartford Courant. The reporter who grilled me called him. Got a quote. Tom said I was a " classic satirist" A " Social thinker. "

This was when I was a copywriter for an ad agency in Hartford. I'd had a few essays published. Reading the profile, you would have thought I was freakin' Christopher Buckley.

Don't believe everything you read in the papers. And sometimes even poets can't be trusted.

I Love You Sweatheart" by Thomas Lux

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