Monday, May 14, 2007

From the Off The Fence Post Department of Corrections:

The gentleman from Jacksonville, Terrance Maxwell Perkins Collins, reminded me this morning that:

A./ It's Bette Davis, not Betty Davis


B./ It's Ursula Andress, not Ursulla Andress

Good eye, Terrance Collins. And impressive indeed, given the atmospheric conditions down there. All that smoke from those fires.


Max Perkins said...

they asked me how I knew my true love was true. I, of course, replied something deep inside, cannot be denied, smoke gets in your eyes.

Terrence said...

It isn't every blog that gets Max Perkins to comment. And I wonder, what's Ursulla, or Ursula or Uvula or whatever she's calling herself these days doing now?

Mr. Perkins IV said...

interesting story....when I was selling real-estate in Cocoa Beach I had a client from Pennsylvania. He was 6'5" built like a god, shoulder length black hair and as handsome as hell. we soon realized we had both spent a good deal of time in LA. He was co-host with Ahmad Rashad on some, no-one is watching, sports quiz he described it "the Vanna White for Ahmad". well anyway he had also been Ursula's lover for 8 years living with her in Malibu and Europe, i.e. boy toy. I've kept in touch with him because he was so hot but every year when I read in the paper it's her b-day today. I e-mail him and remind him. I think she's close to 70 now...god help us.

Terrence said...

OK. I know Fence Post doesn't have thousands of readers. I know comments are few and far between. But I ask you: On how many blogs would the mere mention of Ursula Andress spark a comment from someone who slept with her for eight years?

Terrence said...

Strike that last comment. Meant to say, of course, that it was someone who the commenter knew who slept with her for eight years.