Thursday, May 24, 2007

I won't bore you with the details, but I said I'd keep y'all ( Fence ) posted.

I called Congressman Kennedy's office today. Got right through. Talked to a human being. He was nice, but said as I lived in southern Rhode Island, the proper thing to do would be to talk with someone in Congressman James Langevin's office. Langevin represents us down here in South County.

I'm a tennis player. I've played some doubles matches and I know what it is to " poach " on your partner's territory. Go after a ball hit into his patch of the hard court. I thanked the guy and closed the phone.

I called Langevin's office. Got right through to a human being. Explained briefly the bureaucratic maze I'd been meandering through for the past few months. The woman said she would connect me with the Director of Constituent Services. She was out. I left a message and hoped she'd get back to me soon.

An hour later the phone chirped. It was her. I explained. She listened. She said she was going to make some calls and would get back to me.

" It's a long weekend, " I said. " Talk to me next week. "

I closed the phone. Ok, I said to myself. I've got the freakin' U.S. Congress working on this now.


T. Collins said...

you might want to call Nancy Pelosi too....and Mr Murtha can be pretty intimidating- you go boy!

Terrence said...

Thank you for your support. And BTW. Do you have Caesar Chavez's cell #?

Collins said...

isn't he dead? at least I haven't seen him in years. Or did you mean Hugo Chavez? or, possibly, Caesar Romero? whatever...I have nobody's number but yours.

Terrence said...

He isn't doing too well. And as far as you having my number - it's not my PIN is it!?!