Saturday, May 19, 2007

Post time is 45 minutes away. The Preakness. This race has an interesting history. Between 1985 and 1997, nine Kentucky Derby winners lost at Pimlico. Street Sense won the Derby a fortnight ago. Will she win today? The track is dry as I write this, but the Maryland sky's mood today is as labile as it is here in New England. Who knows? It's the question that makes horse races interesting.

Horse racing's big in England. The Queen paid a visit last week. She was at The Derby. She's back home now, but I'll bet she's watching what we're watching this evening.

Horse races in England are different. Horses line up. There's no gate. When I was stationed over there a guy I knew had some money on a horse. The gun went off and the horses started running. This guy's horse started running in the opposite direction of the others. He lost some money, but we had a laugh.

My money's on a horse called Xchanger to win. Twenty to 1 shot as I write this. My expectations are low. I'll be happy if she runs in the same direction as the other eight horses in the field.

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