Friday, May 4, 2007

YouTube - John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

This one's for you, Joanie... YouTube - John Mellencamp - Pink Houses


Terry McCarthy too said...

Joanie sure has great musical taste! My first time seeing the Pink Houses video - recognized several of the scenes in both Seymour and Bloomington, IN. What a great part of this Country. The people are happy, sincere, fairly grounded, and fun. JCM is a real individual as well. Frequently seen in the mall in Bloomington as just a normal guy.

Terrence ( McCarthy ) said...

Well this one baffled me for a few seconds. Said to myself: Uh, I don't recall writing this. And I've never, to my knowledge, been to Seymour and Bloomington, Indiana. Then realized: It's the other Terry McCarthy! Welcome aboard " Terry Too. " Pink Houses is one of my all time favorite tunes. Didn't know much of the video was shot there. Thanks for the details.