Saturday, May 19, 2007

Xchanger ran a good race. Was ahead half way through the contest. Then Street Sense made her move. And Curlin said to herself: You won the Derby. This one's mine. And it was.

I lost $20. Donna lost some money. Sarah? Sarah, who is Donna's 86 year old mother, the one who had Street Sense to win in the Derby. She had Curlin to win in the Preakness. Sarah's two for two. The Belmont Stakes is three weeks from today. Sarah picks the winner of that one and she's Miss Triple Crown.

How the hell does she do this?


Terance Collins said...

gosh Mrs. Kanner continues to impress. Maybe you should get her down to the Casino near you and start making some real bucks then you wouldn't have to look for work.

Terrence said...

Ah. The luck of the Jewish. Actually her daughter's been pretty lucky at the casino lately.