Thursday, May 24, 2007

Once a newspaper reporter, always one. This unemployment benefits story I've been telling lately is a good one. Problem is, I'm right in the middle of it. Jennifer Warner Cooper's recent comment ( A few posts back ) about all this was very interesting, and has me thinking. Is the system that's now in place, ostensibly for the " convenience " of those who are filing for benefits, designed to discourage people from sticking with the process?

The " story " is driving me. At this point I couldn't care less about getting the money. If the system is designed to force people off the road, I'm staying behind the wheel. What I'm going to do today is contact Congressman Patrick Kennedy's office. Tell them the story. See what they think. Kennedy's strong on mental health issues here in Rhode Island. The position I had, the one that was eliminated, was worker in a psychiatric group home.

I will, of course, keep y'all posted on all this...

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