Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not sure if regular commentista Jennifer's hubby is still experiencing flu like symptoms, but if he is...

And maybe I shouldn't apologize for writing this stuff. Who is it - 50 cent? That Rap star who bought that multi million dollar mansion in Farmington, Connecticut? The one the realtor said is unpretentious, " except maybe for the stripper pole in the living room. "

Maybe a lucrative career as a rap star looms on the horizon. That said, here's the encore everyone's been waiting for. Did I hear, " Yeah, right " out there in da crowd!?

It’s day 2 a da flu
And that got me thinkin’
I’m in da bathroom right now
And it be still stinkin’

24 hours they say
is the course a dis bug
But I’m still wid da mop
And where be da big lug?

He still in his crib
Says I’m not goin’ ta my job ‘n
He be not eatin’ too good
And what he chews he be lobbin’

Tried everything now
Alka Selzer to Bromo
Nothin’ seems to be workin’
Including my homme , Bro!

Forget Terrence. Just call me Run TMC.


Jennifer said...

Hey Run TMC...not to kill your inspiration but my husband appears to be fully recovered. He's tooling around on his lawn tractor, no airsickness bag in sight.

Congratulations on the birds, by the way.

Terrence said...

I'm sure there are some ( Including my wife ) who want to kill that inspiration. Glad to hear your hubby's better. And as for the birds - I'm already starting to experience some pre-separation anxiety.

T.M. Collins said...

you've gotta stop...please.

Terrence said...

I think I will stop. I overheard Donna on the phone yesterday with regular commenter, Jane. Heard her say, " Have you read Terry's blog?

( Pause )

" I think he's losing it. "

And Jane hasn't checked in lately.

Maybe Run TMC has run its course.