Monday, May 21, 2007

You reach a certain age - someone you've loved for years up and dies. You lose your job and you start to feel like what the bastards are calling Jimmy Carter.


Your dog dies. You open the cage to clean out the cage and your parakeet flies out the window. You stop reading the obituary page, because every other day you see someone you know, getting that 15 seconds of fame.

Unsolicited advice never asked for is given by fools. Here's mine.

You're felling depressed? Like your terrier just got run over by a Toyota? Pick up Van Morrison's Astral Weeks. Then Googel the late rock music critic Lester Bangs. Read his review of Astral Weeks.

I guarantee it'll change your mood. Might make it worse than it was. But if you fancy yourself some kinda writer - it'll give ya something to shoot for.


Terrance Collins said...

what exactly do you mean "the bastards" in this post re Carter?
if you're going to respond in the way I think you might then I may as well comment now. We're about the same age- you have seen Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon,Ford,Bush serve as president and then go into a dignified retirement. NOT commenting on their successors. Only two Carter and Clinton have offered criticisms of the sitting president and of course this is refective of their lack of any class...especially Carter who can't shut up. Might be more fitting if he had anything like a successful president....oh, right, sorry, he did win the Noble Peace Prize for brokering a settlement in the mid-east. How did that work out? He should be grateful he's only being called irrelevant instead of a sanctimonious demented old peanut farmer.

Terrence said...

I meant to say, " the bastard. " The white house guy who called Carter irrelevant was a low level bureaucrat who sits on the bench and waits to get called in to respond to stuff like this. It's a few steps back from a " We're not going to dignify that by commenting " comment. And I agree with you more than you might think. I think what Carter was saying about the Bush administration was probably projective identification. What was probably on his mind was his OWN administration. But I do give him credit for doing some good post presidency. And it's not HIS fault the middle east is still a mess. It's the lunatics who live over there and die over there, strapping explosives to themelves and killing innocent people, etc.

Herr Collins said...

no of course it's not his fault but one of his great criticisms of the current administration....they haven't done enough for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. when Bush started he said he thought it would be pointless to do that, I agreed then. Since 9/11 he has had to engage all parties over there...but let's face it- it's still pointless isn't it? Hamas against Fatah now, and Sunnis vs Shite...they should all hurry up and die. I believe the guy who said irrelavant was a stand-in for Tony Snow off getting treatment for his cancer. When you worked even you needed to be replaced when you were out, si?

Terrence said...

Guy's name is Tony Fratto, and he's at least third in line. When Tony Snow took time off, a woman - can't recall her name, but she was gorgeous - filled in.

senor collins said...

yes that woman, attractive and bright. I believe she was off that day because of a scheduled bikini waxing.

Terrence said...

Ya know, four or five comebacks come to mind re that one, all of which would get me in hot water with the women who are kind enough to read this thing regularly. You trying to get me en dano, senor?