Friday, May 4, 2007

Terry Cowgill

I took part in a live blogging thing hosted by Terry Cowgill last night. The transcript is on the post that follows. Kudos to Mr. Cowgill for doing this. He generated more interest in the debate. He did an amazing thing: he got me to turn off the Red Sox/ Mariners game and watch much more of the debate than I would have done. I did check in with the Sox game every now and then, but this kind of multi-tasking can confuse ya. I was expecting Jerry Remy at some point during the seventh inning stretch to stick a mike in Cocoa Crisp's face and start asking him what his position on stem cell research is.

It was a lot of fun. Thanks for doing it, Terry. Terry Cowgill

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Terry said...

Hey, my pleasure. I think it's a blast. Some commenters analyzed the candidates' positions on the issues. Other (like me) just made fun of them all. Thanks for your contributions. Let's do it again ...