Sunday, May 27, 2007

I just responded to my old friend, Fred's opinion re: my liking Eminem. It's in the comments section of yesterday's blog post. Or, you could read it here:

I be down wid Eminem
Sittin' here in my crib
Cranking up da music
Readin' da Trib

Lots a news on da page
Some I'm not likin'
Maybe I'll drop this rag
And go out bikin'

Slap me around
You don't like my taste
Go listen to the late great Jimi
( What a f--kin' waste )

Or Nat King Cole
Cole Porter, one
Go crank up those tunes
Have ya some fun

I'm stickin with my man
His name sounds like a candy
At least I'm not listenin' to Barry
Singin' that Mandy!


Fred said...

Hey that's great!!!!!!!! How about if we do it in B flat. Fred P.S. Lately cranking it up has been Jimmy Dorsey and Duke Ellington. Did you ever listen to the levels of a big band loud, like I like it? said...

Happy you're lovin' it, Fred. My musical tastes are pretty eclectic. I actually have been listening to Duke Ellington this week. Picked up a CD at the library. And I have a Dorsey brothers CD, too. Speaking of the Big Band sound, isn't it interesting that Glenn Miller played a major role at that RAF base where we were stationed together. I think Miller was staying there the night before his plane disappeared.

Terrence said...

That last one was me, Terrence. Typed in the wrong name...

T. Collins said...

have you been drinking?

Terrence said...

Just cause I typed in the wrong name
Don't mean that I'm drinkin'
This comment you sent
It got me thinkin'

Those tunes you have on
y'er iPod
Slim Whitman, Neil Sedaka
You sayin' y'all ain't down with my taste?
Yours is like Kaka!

OK I admit it. Once you start writing this hip hop stuff, it does get to be kinda addicting.