Friday, June 1, 2007

They took a poll yesterday here in Rhode Island. Fifty-eight percent of those asked: would you vote for Buddy Cianci again?

Said " Yes. "

It's not the politicians I worry about. As Pogo, who is so often quoted, said, " We have met the enemy, and he is US.


Terry said...

Yah, there's something about a rascally crook we like. I recall ex cop Bo Dietl telling Imus what a wonderful person John Gotti was. What on Earth was Bo thinking and what are the people of Rhode Island thinking? Will we see Buddy back in the mayor's office?

Terry Cowgill

Terrence said...

It's a good question, Terry. We may. According to the law, he's eligible to run for office again in 2014. He'll be 73 then.

Jennifer said...

In 2004 or so, he took a shot at journalists, saying (I paraphrase here),"You pick up the newspapaer to read about business and economics. Why the hell am I gonna read what some guy who makes $46K has to say about business? My secretary makes more than that."

Classy guy.

Terrence said...

Yeah. His secretary made more than that - much of her check attributable, probably, to a combination of graft and other ill gotten gains. She was Buddy's secretary. Lucky her. Wonder how much she's making now? If she's working for one of the out sourcing, sub contracting companies employed by the current governor's administration, she's likely making close to 90 large.

But that's another scandal...

whaddya gonna do, huh?