Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, the time has come. Tomorrow's the last episode of The Workshop.

How's it gonna end? I'd been thinking about that for weeks. A four and a half year run. You can't just end it. Ya gotta end it with a bang. Or with someone yelling, " Cut! "

I thought of getting there early. Putting a pistol on the table around which the writers sit. I think it was Chekov who said, " If there's a gun on the table in the first act, it will have been used by the middle of the last act. "

Something like that. It might have lost a little in translation.

Or a knife. Maybe I'd put a knife on the table. See how that would have played out on the last day of...

The Workshop.

But, thanks to The Sopranos creator, David Chase, I won't have to stay up late thinking about a clever ending. Tomorrow, I'm gonna wait until the last writer reads his/her essay, story or poem. Then I'm gonna get up from my chair, throw my leather bag over my shoulder, walk towards the door, turn off the light. And just leave.

A Van Morrison ending if there ever was one. ( Those Italians ain't got nothin' on US! )

( Fade to black )

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