Sunday, June 10, 2007

The History Boys - Movies - Review - New York Times

When Donna and I announced that we were getting married, the announcement ran in the paper for which I was interning. The blurb identified us as:

Donna Kanner: Teacher
Terrence McCarthy: Student

Donna's still teaching. I'm the perennial student. So as we watched The History Boys last night, more than a few responsive chords were struck. If you haven't seen this one, I recommend it. It's set in England in 1983, but it's relevant. A hot topic in education these days is testing, and how some think that what we're doing is teaching kids to take tests. There are two schools of thought presented in The History Boys. Each represented by a teacher.

I think it's a great film. I've been a sucker for movies set in English public schools for a long time. My all time favorite flick is Lindsey Andersen's If. That one starred a very young Malcolm McDowell.

The History Boys - Movies - Review - New York Times

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