Saturday, June 2, 2007

It was The Police, not The Beatles who did Synchronicity. Still...

Just heard from an old friend who'd just read the Summer of Love post. Said his birthday was yesterday. On June 1, 1967, he'd just turned 20. Was working at another factory in town. Playing right field in the industrial league, " seeing " a girl whose name he threw at me. Karen W.

Karen W.!! That toss from right field conjured an image. Blonde, blue eyed, Karen W. An older woman, a year older than us. I lusted ( in a Jimmy Carter-like way - in my heart ) after her.

Happy birthday, Gary!


Fred said...

Ah the summer of 67. I was there. I had long hair, old clothes and a guitar in my hand. Now I have grey hair, newer clothes. I still have the guitar in my hand. Fred

Terrence said...

And you were, as I recall, in Richmond, California. A city that's a stoned throw from San Francisco.