Thursday, June 7, 2007

News from the ever amazing world of rock and roll. Deep Purple is still out there, touring. The group, which is perhaps most famous for Smoke on the Water ( Which I recall listening to when I was living in England, which was sometime around the time of The Battle of Agincourt ), will be appearing at the Hampton Beach ( NH ) Casino this summer.

Deep Purple has a song on its latest CD called " Forget About Tomorrow. " Maybe it should have been called " Forget About Yesterday. " Isn't it time to hang up the guitars, guys?

Deep Purple? Pretty soon they're gonna have to change their name to Dee-Pends Purple.

There was this folk rock group back in western Massachusetts. They were popular right after I got out of the service. One of the members of the group was a guy I went to high school with. The name of the group?

Clean Living.

If they're still around, they're probably calling themselves Assisted Living now.

" Long live rock and roll! " never had more meaning than it does these days.


Fred said...

Ha!!! Are you going to tell me that the Pope will retire or The Queen will step down. No, No, Rock and Roll will never leave you. I know that more than anybody. You best bet is to get some earplugs and tickets. Deep Purple will always be known for being the loudest Live band ever. So here is to every mothers son who still plays Louie Louie. Fred

Terrence said...

Louie Louie. Wow. Haven't thought about that one in a while.