Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Kidz n da nest have flown da crib.

We're empty nesters again. Donna was out on the deck, prying the bush's branches apart, checking on the young cardinals. She looked up and said, " They're gone! "

And that they are. Yesterday they were making a racket. In retrospect, I guess they were shouting, " We're outa here! " So tonight it's just Donna, Gracie and me. The bush is back to being just a bush; it's not a home. There's a nest stuck in there, but it's empty. So it goes.

So they go.

I can't help but think we expedited a process that probably, under normal ( natural ) circumstances, takes longer. I'm guessing that the parents, who watched us Sunday trying to get that deck umbrella over the bush - then seeing it explode - said to each other:

" We need maybe to go to plan B. "

" we talkin' exit strategy here? "

" Ya got that right. "

" Gittin' kind a violent in this hood. "

" Things explodin' n shit. "

" Yeah. "

" Gotta get the kidz outa that bush... "

" Give 'em a push... "

" A push. Yeah... "

" Let's go. "

( They fly into the bush )


Fred said...

You can always make carboard cardinals till they come back. Maybe they think winter is coming back. When I woke to go fishing at 4:00 it was 33 degrees and raining. By 5:00 it stoped. Looking at the hill around me there was snow on the ground. Longjohns is June? I shouldn't be suprised. Fred

Terrence said...

Snow in the middle of June? Man, you are a long way from London my friend. How far from Reno are you? How high up in the Sierra Madres?

And I like that cardboard cardinal idea. Or, maybe we could make them out of...