Friday, June 1, 2007

I try not to, but it's hard. It's an addiction. I've tried to cut down, but I fail every damn time. I am, of course, talking about watching Cable News.

Just watched a story about National Spelling Bee champion Evan O'Dorney. He's 13. I didn't catch the whole segment ( I said I'm trying to cut down, remember? ) So I don't know what he spelled to win the titul.

That's a joke.

All through the segment, I'm thinking, God wouldn't it be great if beneath the kid's image on the screen appeared a caption in which a word was misspelled. Something like:

13 Year Old Wins National Speling Title.

That didn't happen. But in the very next segment - there wasn't even a commercial between the spelling bee story and this one - they showed Hillary Clinton making a speech today. In back of her was a banner on which the word " Tomorrow " was spelled " Tommorrow. "

The anchorwoman did point out the misspelling, but she didn't connect it in any way to the previous story. Didn't segue into it, by saying something like:

" And speaking of spelling... "

And didn't refer back to what Evan had just accomplished. I know, I know. It's my own fault. I shouldn't be watching this crap.


Terry said...

A misspelling on an envelope we recently received in our newsroom:

Send in your application toady"

Terry Cowgill

Terrence said...

That's funny, Terry!