Wednesday, June 13, 2007

" Albanian media - and international web sites - are buzzing over a video showing President Bush's wristwatch apparently disappearing while he shakes hands with a jostling crowd of people in Fushe Kruje, Albania. "

From Associated Press story, June 13

Hey sailor, got a minute? C'mere. Take a look at what I got here ( Opens trench coat to reveal an array of wristwatches )

I'm not really in the market for a...

Just take a look, that's all I'm askin.


See anything ya like? How about this knockoff Rolex Submariner? Perfect watch for a sailor like you.

I don't...

Look at this Omega Seamaster DeVille. Perfect for watch for a Swabby like you.

I don't think... Wait a minute. What's that one, the one with the Mickey Mouse face...

Ah! The perfect watch. I just got my hands on this one today. From my source in Fushe Kruje.

Fushe Kruje?

It's Albanian for " Is that a watch in your pocket, or are you just happy to be here in this God forsaken place? " Ha ha!! It's a joke. I kid the Fushe Krujens. But seriously. This is a wristwatch to die for. It's part of what we call our " Presidential Line. " Here. Try it on.

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