Sunday, June 3, 2007

I'm watching Wolf Blitzer moderate the Democratic candidates debate on CNN. The last question was this: " How many of you are for designating English as the official language of the United States? "

Then Blitzer added:

" Those of you who do, raise your hands. "

Maybe Wolf thinks the official language of the United States should be sign language.

A question about language that doesn't allow the candidates to speak ANY language?

That's when Donna and I turned off the debate. Right after I asked her: How many in this room are for turning on the Red Sox Yankee game? Those who do, raise your hands. "

Our German Short Haired pointer was sleeping like she sometimes does. With one leg pointing towards the ceiling. I took that as a " Yes. " I raised my hand and so did Donna. It was unanimous.


Terry said...

And part of the problem is with 8 of them up there it's almost impossible to discuss anything of substance. Really, it is too early to have any debates. They ought to wait until Thanksgiving when several of them will have dropped out. That way we will all be spared the blandishments of Chris Dodd and the dyspepsia of Sen. Gravel ...

Top of the 1st and Becket looks pretty good.

Terrence said...

Yeah. My guess is a lot of people are turning it off early. You're right about Gravel - Might be because he's part of that Dyspepsia Generation.

Don't ask. I have no idea what that means.

Terry said...

No score heading into the 2nd.

Now the Dems are sitting down to take approved questions from audience members at the "town meeting."

A baseball game is unscripted. Need I say more?

Terrence said...

Unscripted, re the Red Sox is pretty ironic. GM Theo Epstein's grandfather and grand uncle co-wrote the script for what mant think is the best screenplay of all time: Casablanca.

And Theo's dad is head of the creative writing dept. at BU.

As Imus used to say, ya can't make this stuff up.

Terry said...

Becket gave up a double to Posada with a weak throw from Crisp.

Biden bloviates on Darfur.

Terrence said...

Am I seeing things? I thought I just saw Richardson sitting in both dugouts at the same time!

Terry said...

A-Rod is cought looking to end the 3rd. Mr April! Good one about Richardson. I think he is playing both sides of the aisle and using a secret tunnel.

The spin room has a Clintonian flak avoiding the question about the National Intel Estimate. He thinks it's "crazy" to say she is a follower for waiting until the last 30 seconds to decide how she would vote on funding the war. Why do the media even assign reporters to listen to the spin from the mouthpieces?

Terrence said...

Ah, Terry. You and Jake ( For whom I've put out an Amber Alert - Where IS he? ) are on the same page. Watching a debate and the Sox at the same time. And as for secret tunnels. What better place than Boston to find 'em? Last I looked at the mapquest, there was one named for Ted Williams.

Fred said...

You can talk Sox all you want. Hell Fire and Brimstone is coming from the American League Central. Watch your major sports this year and you'll all be Cleveland fans. Fred

Terrence said...

The Indians AND the Cavaliers might win it all this year. Wouldja call that a Full Cleveland?