Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My guess is that Paris Hilton's three weeks behind bars will get far more cable news attention than Scooter Libby's thirty month sentence. It's also my guess that the jail in which the blonde celebrity is incarcerated will now be known as:

The Paris Hilton Hilton.

And I'll bet you a few bucks that if you asked 1oo Americans what they think of Scooter Libby going to jail -

68 wouldn't know who the hell he is
20 would think Scooter Libby is Paris Hilton's real name
6 would say it's too short a sentence
and 6 would say it's too long.


Terry said...

"My guess is Paris Hilton's behind ... took three weeks" for the plastic surgeons to construct. Woops, am I on the wrong post or just dyslexic?

Terrence said...

It's Scooter's behind that's gonna need watching