Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Announced today that I will be leaving my post as facilitator of the creative writing workshop. Next week's my last class. It's been a wonderful run, which I started a little more than four years ago.

So it'll be so long to Guida, Jane, Gale, Doris, R.J., Norman, Barbara, Terry, Roy, Cherie, Karen, Jane, Monica, Helen. An incredible crew. I've learned a lot from them all.

I've been bidding farewell quite often in the past year. A year ago I was a member of the board of directors of a non-profit, had a part-time gig at a group home just north of here, and facilitated the workshop. Next Wednesday at this time the curtain will have come down on all of those shows.

What's next? That's a question I've been asking myself all my adult life. So far, what's next has always been even better than what was. If you want to tell me to break a leg, go ahead.


Anonymous said...

why? I thought you loved doing that

Terrence said...

I do love it. But there's a time to move on, and it's time. Long story.

Anonymous said...

Change isn't always good but sometimes it is inevitable and necessary.
Move along and "break a leg".
New pathways and new horizons.
Life is an adventure.