Sunday, April 15, 2007

You know the weather's bad when the Weather Channel's Jim Cantori is doing a standup in your own back yard.

The weather's bad. How bad? Don DeLillo's taking notes. His next novel's going to be about this long weekend in April, 2007. The weekend that confirmed, after all these years, that T.S. Eliot was right.

Sheesh. I'm starting to sound like a stand up comedian. But give me credit. At least I'm not lining up today on the bridge that connects Jamestown to Newport. The weather's depressing, but so far at least, I'm not thinking of throwing myself off a bridge. killing myself. I'm joking.

No! Not about killing myself, rather NOT killing myself. I'm not joking about that. I'm holding onto my sense of humor, despite the weather. Despite Jim Cantori being out there attracting attention, with the neighbors out there, tearing up the lawn. ( I'm kidding; he's not out there. He is, however, a short distance up the coast. Somewhere north of Boston. )

I'm laughing. The weather's horrible. A wind driven rain, a hard rain is falling. But I'm laughing. I am fookin' laughing!

Don't let this weather get you down.

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