Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Theater by the Sea closed in 2003. The theater was one of those classic summer stock theaters. Had been around since the 1940s. Among the actors who strut their stuff on its stage: Marlon Brando.

For the past four years a for sale sign has replaced the sign that had shouted what play loomed next on the horizon. But yesterday there was a story on the front page of the Providence Journal. The theater is on the verge of being sold. The theater might be coming back, as soon as this summer.

The theater is located in the Matunuck section of South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Just a few miles from here. This area took a big hit last week from the spring nor'easter. Floods. Beach erosion. Thousands of tons, kilotons of sand lost. Much was lost.

But now. Something might be gained. Something might be coming back, in the wake of the storm. The Theater by the Sea.

How about that?

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