Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mike Daisey

I'm going to try to follow up on stories I've made reference to in my posts. Mike Daisey wrote this on his blog today. It speaks for itself. Mike Daisey


Terrance "Righteous" Collins said...

OK, I gotta say it, especially now that I just read that link. No wonder the society is coarsened and in decline when he can justify his profane, pathetic attempt to entertain. I nearly was gagging as I saw him pantomime having sex with Paris Hilton and dissing her at the same time while in reality he can only dream of rutting with her- as detestable as she is, she is so far out of his reach that if the program had proceeded perhaps we'd have been entertained with an admission of how often he had pleasured his undoubtedly tiny pp while thinking of her preening while he services her.. His bloated sour grape monologue...give me a break. And the fuckin' hubris...he "forgave' him- I could just scream. Yes please defend artistic expression but honestly was this crap good? I would have walked too...and demanded my money back. Or do I really not have a clue?

Terrence said...

It's unfortunate that of all the stuff Daisey's done, that Paris Hilton riff is what a lot of people who are unfamiliar with his work are seeing. You might ( Or might not ) want to visit Daisey's website, or google him to get a feel for what he's saying in his monologs. The Hilton thing does fit into a larger theme, but seen standing alone, it does appear to be just another comedian's attempt at gross out humor. I think it's more than that. It's a slice of a bigger pie, but, again, it's the slice thousands of folks, you included, are seeing as a result of that protest.

As for walking out and demanding your money back. That would have been a fair thing to do. It would have been a lot better than what that group did. As someone who recently gave a reading of my work, I can't imagine someone or some folks rising out of their seats and approaching me in anger. Pouring water on my papers. I don't think I'm being thin skinned here. There's that " contract " that exists. A line was crossed in Cambridge. Walking out? Fine. Walking up, and ruining someone's notes? Whatever you think of Mike Daisey, don't you think les of someone who'd do that?

T.M. "not a prig" Collins said...

certainly I do. But I, being me would have probably made a comment...and then your friend McEnroe could have commented on my bald spot. Wonder if Daisy could get away in certain societies with just the water. Maybe he would have lost his head. Perhaps this should have been portrayed as performance art but even then it would have sucked....bottom line this guy ain't funny and he's vulgar. One can be a riot and be obscene. He can't. But again I support you in defending his right to say ANYTHING...just that I won't be listening. Thank you. And by the way what is this contract you are talking about?