Monday, April 2, 2007

It's two hours into the Red Sox first game of the season. We're in the fifth inning. Shilling, our " Ace, " just got knocked out. He gave up 8 hits and five earned runs. Walked two. The Kansas City Royals lead 6-1.

And that's not all. I've been watching the game on NESN. Just after Shilling was pulled, the screen froze up, like I'd been watching a taped game and I'd accidently hit Pause.

So I turn the radio on. And learn that Jerry Trupiano's contract wasn't renewed last fall. There's some kid whose voice just changed two or three years ago partnering with Joe Castiglione. Joe C. Who's undoubtedly reading the writing on the left field wall. Joe's been doing play by play for the Sox for twenty-five years and is getting long in the tooth.

Opening day. It's 42 degrees here and the wind's blowing over Block Island Sound. Chill factor's down around 38 degrees. It's in the low 80s and sunny in Kansas City.

But I don't wish I were there.

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