Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I was delighted this morning to get an email from Mike Daisey, who's appearing in Cambridge starting this evening. Mr. Daisey is the performer I wrote about on an earlier post. He said he laughed out loud at that email I sent him. The one advising him not to sign on as a member of Red Sox Nation. Check him out, and if you're in Harvard Square or thereabouts this week, check out his show.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to get my name in but this is Fred.**Now can I ask my question of the day.**Now through the good graces of Iran the Brits are going free. Hurrah, Hurrah.**But are the diabolical Iranian's going to return the boat they were captured in??

Terrence said...

Well that explains some of the anonymous comments we've been getting. Fred's my pal from the Reno, Nevada area. We were stationed together in the United Kingdom way back when. Got to know London like the back of our hands. Cambridge, too. Fred's a musician. Welcome aboard Fred. Hope to see your name up there from now on. As for that ship. Yeah, the bastards will probably keep it and add it to their " fleet. " Rename it My Sinbad or the S.S.HIT