Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm getting tired of people who can't move on, can't get off a horse that's been beaten nearly to death. Mike Daisey's been on that nag for a whole week now. His show was interrupted last Friday by a group of igh school students and their chaperones. One of the chaperones poured water on his notes. It was a bad scene, thick with what my new friend Jennifer calls " frightening potential. "

But enough already. It's gotten to the point, at least with me, where Daisey seems to be using the incident. Trying to keep it alive. He got a lot of publicity about this. It was a promotional windfall. As far as the crowd who protested his act is concerned, there were unintended consequences. What they did helped Daisey get his name out there, far beyond the boundries that had been drawn around him before.

Move on, Mike Daisey. Get back to where you once belonged.

I miss Imus. And this guy Michael Smerconish ( Which is, by the way, hsinocrems spelled backwards ) , whose Philadelphia radio show is being simulcast on MSNBC during Imus's old time slot, is growing on me. But one thing I don't miss about the I Man is how he used to get stuck on a subject like a barnacle attaches itself to a pier piling. Autism for instance. And his wife's campaign to green up America.

That I don't miss. Anyone out there seen this Smerconish guy? Whaddya think?


Senor Collins said...

wise advice for Mr. Daisy. Do you think he'll take it? My feeling he's the kind of person that would step all over anyone in his quest to the top- like myself. One can detect a sense of envy even as he tries to besmirch the un- smirchable Paris Hilton. In fact I did say "sour grapes" in a previous comment about same.

Terrence said...

I just heard from Mike Daisey. He was kind enough to get right back to me after I emailed him some unsolicited advice. He says he is, indeed, moving on, and thanked me.