Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A few random thoughts as the sun sets, the clouds roll in and it threatens to rain.

There's a terrific new soundtrack CD out: Lucky You.

It has a few Springsteen cuts on it. Some Dylan. A Leonard Cohen cover. And, of all people, Drew Barrymore, sounding very much like a young Judy Garland, singing " Maybe This Time. "

" It's gonna happen. Maybe this time I'll win. "

Who among us, before we join the choir invisible, can't relate to that.


Alec Baldwin. I know, as a left leaning, commie, pinko, former bell bottom jean wearing tramp hardly shining I'm supposed to love this guy and everything he stands for. But...

He may just be the scariest unarmed man in America.


David Edelstein, New York Magazine's film critic, and occasional commenter on Colin McEnroe's blog, just commented ( Joked? ) that Rosie O'Donnell is a guy. Which might just explain everything.


Barak Obama's wife is getting some flack about things she's been saying about her hubby. Says this so called " perfect " man is a slob around the house. Doesn't pick up after himself. Doesn't exactly do his fair share of the housework. It's making Obama look bad...

But it's making me look pretty good. And that's what's important to us self indulgent bloggers ( Heh heh )


Anonymous said...

Some of us slobs are the nicest yet most oblivious people when it comes to those "domestic" issues like cleaning and picking up after ourselves. I was so encouraged to read that Senator Obama is not so "perfect". My kinda guy!
Your Duney will attest to this fact a couple of times over, I am sure, since she has now had to live with one roommate and one husband who (apparently) have similar habits. At this late stage, it is unlikely I'll be changing my ways. How 'bout you, Terry?
Fortunately, we both married well, if you know what I mean.

Terrence said...

Ah Jane. We both did marry well. Very well indeed. And, I trust, our spouses will say the same.