Sunday, April 15, 2007

I hope this is the last time I'll bring Imus up on this blog. But it really isn't something of which I have total control. The muse occasionally snatches me out of my easy chair, drags me into the woods and puts a gun to my head. Screams like a banshee: WRITE THIS!!

I'm in the woods now. And here's what it wants me to write:

You thought the governor of New Jersey angle to this Imus story was weird? John Corzine in critical condition, breathing with the help of a vent after the SUV in which he was a passenger crashed. On its way to the meeting Imus was having with the Rutgers womens basketball team.

Now this. Of all the entertainers in all the world to die on the last day of the week that was Imus.

Don Ho.

You really can't make this stuff up. Even with a gun to your head.


Mr. Collins said...


Terrence said...

Ah, Mr. Collins. MoDo could not have said that better herself.

Jennifer Warner Cooper said...

And come December, what of Santa's chortling refrain? What'll HE say now??