Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mike Daisey

I thought you were appearing in Cambridge for a couple of nights; I didn't know you were going to LIVE there. Read somewhere that the ART thing is a " residency. " Maybe I can make it up for a show. My wife and I are picking up soon a Winnebago we bought from a guy in nearby ( To where you're living now ) Lexington. Guy's name is " Swifty. " Should be a rule in life: Never buy a Winnebago from a guy name of " Swifty. " But we met him and he seems OK. Famous last words. Watch. We'll get it home here south of Pawtucket and start smelling something bad and discover body parts stuck behind the " Entertainment Center. " Where was I? Oh yeah. Cambridge. Lexington. Outposts in Red Sox Nation. Go ahead, watch the bastards. You're living in Cambridge so you might as well get caught up in this madness. Besides, they do have some interesting characters. Guys like Beckett and Lowell. No wonder English Professors love this loose affiliation of knickered millionaires. A starting pitcher named Beckett? A Third baseman named Lowell?

And a general manager ( Theo Epstein ) whose father is head of the creative writing department at BU. And whose grandfather and granduncle penned the screenplay ( The best ever, according to many ) for Casablanca.

How could you not watch these guys? What was I thinking?

Hope last night at ART in Cambridge went very well. I'm sure it did. And the Sox won. Lowell made three errors ( One of which was to use infer when he meant imply in a pre-game interview ) And Beckett? Whenever he's interviewed I have no idea what he means.

( Blogger exits stage left. After wondering: Should I go? Or not. )

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