Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So Rosie O'Donnell's calling it quits. We'll no longer be able to view her on The View. Gosh. Ruined my day hearing that. I've always loathed Rosie O'Donnell's persona ( We can't loath, have no way of knowing these people well enough to love or loath; what we believe and what we feel about them has nothing to do with them. It's their personas we know ) That said...

We'll be hearing about this for a few days. My guess is that what's she's doing is trying to ride on Imus's coattail for a few days. Make herself into the latest celebrity leaver. The latest gonzo talk show host/hostess. And ya can't be gonzo these days, unless you're gone. So...

Another one bites the dust. Which won't settle for days. So it goes.

By the way, has anyone been listening to the former Imus in the Morning show? WFAN's sports talk guys, Mike and the Mad Dog are co-hosting. And Imus's old sidekick, Charles McCord is still on. Playing the same role, sort of.

McCord's role on the Imus show was to play the adult in a room full of adolescents. He was the superego foil to the Super Ego Imus. He played the role well. But listen to him now. It's pathetic. Mike and the Mad Dog do what every single radio sports talk team in the country do. They talk over each other. Yell at each other. They're like ritalin starved teenage boys in the back of the classroom. Throwing spitballs and pulling girls' hair. And there's Mr. McCord up there in front of the room. Trying to say something. Trying to get a word in edgewise. Trying to be an adult in a room dominated by people whose mental ages ADD up to somewhere in the low 30s.

Charles! Can you hear me over all that yelling??? CHARLES!!!!!

It's over! Call it quits! Q-U-I-T-S!!!!!!!!!!

Get a new job. I hear there's an opening on The View. Of course you're the wrong gender. You might not fit in. Then again, look what happened when you got that opportunity to work with the I-" Man. " You were grown up. He and his cohorts were not. You fit in there, didn't you?

Go for it, Charles. Break some new ground. Apply for that job on The View. Barbara Walters will love you.

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