Friday, April 6, 2007

Colonel Jack Jacobs on Imus this morning included himelf among those who are saying the British sailors should have put up a fight with the Iranians who seized their ship. Well, yeah. I like Jack Jacobs. And agree with him much of the time. But he didn't write the book on what to do in situations like this. Sun Tzu did. This is from The Art of War:

" Light ground is where soldiers have first entered enemy territory and do not yet have their backs to the wall; hence the minds of the soldiers are not really concentrated, and they are not ready for battle. It is not advantageous to attack. "

Sun Tzu would have called the area in which the incident started " Ground of contention " territory on which it is unwise to start fighting.

What is with it with all these folks who want to pull out the swords and start fighting over anything and everything? That's what happens in bars and parking lots around closing time. At least those morons have an excuse; they've had more than their share of the Guinness.

And ah yes, Rush Limbaugh, who also says they should have fought. Rush Limbaug, who sits up there in his ivory studio, playing his Teddy and Bill and Hillary soundbites, then attacking them. That coward's opinion on anything having to do with wars and battles fought and not fought? Please...

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