Tuesday, April 3, 2007

President Bush attacked democrats in congress today for going on " vacation, " when there is work to be done. Yet he has been on " vacation "more than any recent president in history.

" They need to come off vacation, " President Bush said.

President Bush spends a fair amount of time at his " ranch " in Crawford, Texas. It seems that he also spends a fair amount of time on another planet. I try hard to be fair to this man. Try hard not to take cheap shots that go for the easy laugh. But c'mon. Take a look at what your handlers are writing, that which they expect you to speak. It didn't make sense, President Bush.

That comment on vacations. You have veto power over the words your flacks scribble. You should have vetoed that, Mr. President.


Terrance Collins said...

surely a man of your intellect knows that the president is never really on vacation. i.e. daily briefings, meetings. Always with his advisors around yammering. The guy with the football always very near. Do you think any POTUS can actually just chuck the responsibility and "get away from it all" like a, for instance, Richie Neal? Grow up, that line of criticism is right out of Dem Talking Points 101.

Terrence said...

Perception is reality. My point, and I might not have made it as well as I could have ( Maybe I'll be better at this when I grow up ) was that the use of the word " vacation " was ill advised. You may be right, Terrance Collins. But what is probably in the minds of those not in George W. Bush's base is that he does " vacation " too much. And turnabout is fair play here. The dems to which he refers are not really " on vacation " either. They are out there on the hustings doing what they always do. Shaking hands, shmoozing, raising money. In other words, " working " the crowds. I stand by my argument. It was the wrong word to use. His handlers should know better. All that said, thanks for the comment. As always, your points are well written, and taken.

Mr. Collins said...

hogwash...run this by your pal Jake and see what he says.

Anonymous said...

Is Terry Collins some sort of right wing nut? Wow! Who wudda thunk it?
On to the matter at hand...
Something must be done to counter these immoral war criminals in Washington. The Democrats may finally be getting smarter, as Dubya shows himself more and more to be who he really is: an incompetent blithering ditz who has earned the moniker
As for the "vacation" the "dems" are on, it is all of congress that is off. However, nothing will ever compare (I hope!) to the shortest session on record of last year, when the republicans set the agenda.
Remember August of 2001, when the prez relied on his daily briefings, while out clearing brush in Crawford...Bin Laden determined to strike...
OK--I'm losing it.