Friday, April 13, 2007

People were trying very hard to get a horse stuck in the mud out of the mud yesterday. You may have seen the video of this rescue attempt; it was all over the cable news. Well, as it turns out, the horse was being ridden by a man by the name of Ernest K. Pondscombe. Mr. Ponscombe is a freelance reporter who was on his way to cover the meeting last evening between Don Imus and the Rutgers University womens basketball team, formerly known as the Scarlet Knights. They will now be known as the Scarlet Letters. That letter being " H."

Thanks to Bernard McGuirk and Don Imus.

Actually I'm kidding about the horse. But the way this story is developing, and how quickly, I wouldn't be surprised if the horse that got stuck in the mud was, in fact, connected in some way to the Imus/Rutgers story. Stranger things have happened. Take the governor of New Jersey angle for instance.

Governor John Corzine was critically injured in an SUV crash last evening, on HIS way to the meeting. Corzine remains in critical condition in a New Jersey hospital. As Imus was fond of saying, " You can't make this stuff up. "

Unless you're Tom Wolfe. Who wrote a novel titled Bonfire of the Vanities, which this Imus story is reminding some folks, including yours truly, of.

Don Imus was not available for comment following the meeting in New Jersey. And he was not on the air this morning, the last morning for Imus in the Morning. CBS, following MSNBC's lead last evening cancelled the show, effective Monday.

Sitting in for Imus this morning was Ianother Imus. Diedre Imus, wife of Don, mother of Wyatt, author of the recently published book Green This. Diedre Imus had been scheduled to begin a book tour to promote the new book, but cancelled those plans in the wake of the controversy swirling around her husband.

The book is based on her crusade to encourage people to clean up their act. To " Green " up their act by using cleaning products that aren't toxic.

Pretty ironic, huh? Diedre having to put the brakes on her book tour on which she'd be selling the idea of cleaning up our acts?

I'm thinking about that horse again. There in the mud. Dirty as hell. Stuck. Like the media has been stuck on this story for days.

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