Friday, April 27, 2007

At last night's democratic debate, candidate Bill Richardson said that the first thing he would do on his first day as president would be to " End the war in Iraq. "

Here are some other things he might do on his first day on the job:

* Give back New Mexico to Mexico
* Lobby for Cantinflas to get next year's Life Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
* Get a haircut
* Lose ten pounds
* Pardon Karl Rove
* Replace the Bald Eagle with the Phoenix as the national bird
* Take down the " English Only " signs in the White House cafeteria
* Name Leo Carillo as his Vice President
* Tear down the Alamo and replace it with a billboard that says, " Forget It. "
* Name Linda Ronstadt Secretary of State
* Make " Let's Went " the official farewell as he salutes and boards Air Force One
* Change the name of Air Force One to Air Force Uno
* Make Cancun the official summer White House
* Change the name " White House " to Hacienda Blanco

And last but not least:

* Make it illegal for Americans to cross the border and live and work in Mexico

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