Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A word or two about anonymous posts...

I do publish them. Some people have good reasons why they wish not to share their names with readers. I've gotten into debates on other blogs about the topic of anonymous comments. I have strong feelings about anonymous comments that are mean spirited and/or attack people. That hasn't happened on this blog.

So. The bottom line is: If you wish to remain anonymous, do so. I appreciate your comments. That said.

Thank you so much Anonymous ( You who mentioned Todd ) Welcome aboard and I realy want you to keep those comments coming in.

And Anonymous in Wisconsin. I was a Brewers fans. Sort of. Back when I was a newspaper reporter in Holyoke, Massachusetts, there was this minor league team: The Millers. It was the farm team for The Brewers. They played in Holyoke between 1978 and 1982 I believe. At McKenzie Stadium.

Someone said the wrong thing in 1982 I guess. Go Millers.

And they did. They've been gone for 25 years.

There was talk a few years ago that the Erie ( Pennsylvania ) Seawolves ( I think that's the name ) might relocate to Holyoke. That might happen, but if it does I hope they change the name. To the Canal Rats, or The Paper City Rollers. Something like that.

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