Sunday, April 1, 2007

March is over, but the madness marches on, into this cruelest of months, April. Tomorrow night, in Atlanta, Florida meets Ohio State in the championship game. Donna's mother Sarah picked Ohio State to go all the way. Who'd she pick to meet them on April 2?


Ohio State wins tomorrow night and Sarah just might be getting the call from CBS Sports.

" Hello? "

" Sarah Kanner? "

" This is Sarah Kanner. "

" Mrs. Kanner, we'd like to offer you a job. "

" Oh I don't know about that. Does it involve sewing? "

" No, it doesn't involve sewing, Mrs. Kanner. The job we're offering you is analyst. "

" Analyst? Oh, I don't think I'm qualified. My son, Alan. He's just a psychologist and he took post graduate courses for years before he... "

" No, no Mrs. Kanner. A SPORTS analyst. College basketball. You'd be working with Packer... "

" The Packers? Oy Vey!! I'm a Patriot fan. My son Michael would disown me if I went and worked for the... "

" No, no. BILLY Packer. You'd be working with the legendary Bill Packer... "

" Oh I don't think so. But thank you very much for asking. I have to go now. There's a mah jongg game starting downstairs in the community room. Goodbye. "

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