Thursday, April 12, 2007 | 04/11/2007 | Imus isn’t the real bad guy

The Imus story is still developing, and I'm still in the process of getting my mind around it. Click on this if you want to read what I think is a unique perspective. Whitlock, who is black, frames it in a way I haven't heard yet. His points are well taken to say the least.


Terry #3 said...

First of all this is an excellent, pardon me?! what do you mean you haven't heard this stuff before? I believe a man named Collins was making similar points in your comment section recently and privately to you via e-mail (in fact I believe Mr Collins may have ghosted this colunm)- or am I losing it =at the risk of tooting Mr Collins' horn. I know he has too much humility to bring it to your attention.

Fred Vairetta said...

Ismus could be right you know. between him, Duke lacrosse, and Anna Nicole the American public has been saturated with garbage. I ask who's watching the rest of the world.**Big mouths, liars and munipulator's all. That's all you hear.**But alas this too will pass because the big one in coming up in the White House soon.**It's not fair two to one but I'll still put my money on good old George.**Now we'll find out how tough Nancy really is.**I know he can knock Harry out easily.**Come drive through his state sometime.

Terrence said...

The gentleman from Jacksonville is right! I was referring to opinions I've not heard from the so called Main Stream Media, but Mr.Collins has, indeed, made these very points recently. My apologies. As usual, he's ahead of the curve. And great to hear from my old friend, my compadre with whom I spent much time in London, England. Fred.

jane carlin said...

I had a lengthy discussion with my college students today. None of them had listened to Imus, so I reviewed the last week as well as some of my impressions over the last few years, and the fact that as a long time and loyal listener, I have, at times, been offended and uneasy with how far he (and the whole crew) was going, especially in the realm of sexist humor. Yet, I have always returned, because of the humor and because of the political discourse, which is so lacking. Keep in mind that this show was one that was an ALL WHITE MALE cast, and everyone was a potential "target". I admitted to finding a lot to laugh at, and that I am now searching my own soul in that regard.

My students told me that they can tune in to any radio station and hear the term "HO" and that the rap/hiphop genre is filled with demeaning and sexist language and that the idealized notion of violence against women is common in their musical world. They pointed to Mind of Mencia and Chappelle and asked if the same standards would apply. Someone even mentioned Rush Limbaugh and others from the "other side" and asked what the difference was between their language and references and those of Don Imus.
I have so many questions about all of this. What we need now, more than ever, is dialog--about all of it.
In the end, isn't this about the cash? Advertisers were caving in to pressure, and pulling themselves out in droves.
The article attachment is something that makes a point I have thought but have not had the courage to speak of publically, for fear of...?

Terrence said...

Good to have a college prof checking in with input from people the same age as those Rutgers women. Thanks, Jane.