Monday, April 23, 2007

Last week's nor'easter was a hell of a storm and the evidence it left is scattered all along the south coast of Rhode Island. Wooden pilings from a pier that hasn't been walked on in a century rise from the sands of the Narragansett town beach. Cars that were buried in sand blown by the winds of the Hurricane of 1938 can now be seen in Westerly. Our friend Jane emailed us some photos of an expensive home that had fallen off the island and into the Atlantic. Houses closer to our home, which had been on the ocean, are now in the ocean at high tide.

Mobile homes in Matunuck, there for more than fifty years, were flooded after a storm surge. The trailers are located 100 yards from the ocean, but the salt water was half way up the side walls last week. The water's slipped back to where it belongs, but the evidence of its breaking and entering into that tight summer community is there - and will be there when those who spend their summers here come down to the coast next month.

It was a hell of a storm. And it's said that there will be more. Batten the hatches.

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