Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I listened to Imus this morning. Choosing not to listen at this point is choosing not to take part in the conversation. I know I wrote earlier that I wouldn't be listening. After giving it some thought and having listened to other opinions, I changed my mind.

This is one more reason why I don't like the two week suspension idea. Callers in to the show this morning included Paul Bigala and Mike Barnicle, both of whom were tough on Imus. But they were fair and shed some light. If the show were on for the next two weeks ( The suspension begins Monday ) regular guests like Frank Rich, Jeff Greenfield, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Anna Quindlen and others could continue the conversation.

Imus was called a " serial apologizer " by one commentator this week. She was referring to his past transgressions, for which he said he was sorry, and would change.

I'm cutting the I Man more slack than I did. I'm hoping we'll all learn something from this, then move on.


Terrance Collins said...

well I'm disappointed you didn't stick to your guns but it's a man's perogative to change his mind...oh no, that's a woman's, sorry. Now I must say that Begala, Carville and Barnicle are three guys I do not like and not just for the obvious reasons. But kudos to them for standing by their man; never thought I'd say they were honorable.

Terrence said...

Happy, Terrance, to see you've changed your mind, somewhat at least, about that trio.

jane carlin said...

Just me weighing in again...
I think the dialog about race (and all the other topics we should be discussing) is just beginning, and it is my belief that Imus' meeting with the team is going to be a real opportunity for HIM to demonstrate his eagerness to help facilitate the conversations we all need to be having. Too bad he's getting the boot from MSNBC, because he's very good at getting people to think, to laugh at absurdity, and to hear all points of view, and so are his guests.
His arrogance and bullying were really getting out of control, and I felt offended more and more often (as I told you, Terry M.).He felt he could say anything and hurt anyone he wanted to.
Perhaps because I am a total wimp and a serial forgiver, I am not seeing things so clearly, and he does deserve to be banished to the ranch in disgrace, but I don't know if that's so good for US. Who is going to get us talking and thinking and reacting to the mess in the world?
We do need political satire, now more than ever.
So, possibly, no more Cardinal Egan, no more of those great characters by Larry Kenny or Rob Bartlett, no more Bernard and his more opportunity to listen and to react.
If MSNBC is off, can FAN be far behind?
Too bad...

Terrence said...

MSNBC is now saying it will no longer simulcast the Imus show; it is severing its relationship with him. This after several big sponsors pulled the plug. The classy women who play for the Rutgers team will probably forgive him and forget this. MSNBC apparently will not, and will continue to fill its time slots with mindless, safe, tabloid drivel. At least Imus made people think. Dan Abram's latest bright idea, The Most? It should be called The Least ( Common Denominator )