Sunday, April 1, 2007

It's opening day of the 2007 major league baseball season. I'm excited. But I have mixed feelings. My father died 21 years ago. We buried him on opening day of the 1986 season. So I'm up and I'm down today.

The Mets are on tonight. The Sox open their season against Kansas City tomorrow afternoon at 4:05 pm.

The calendar shouts, " Spring! " The westerly winds whisper " Not yet. " But it's baseball season, and that can't be bad.

I'll sign off now. I'm listening to the radio. Lucinda Williams Are You Alright? just came on.

Talk about someone you'd want to sing you across that next bridge on the road on which you're motoring south...


Anonymous said...

Ah another year to root for my Indians. Or do I have to be policticaly correct and call them the Tribe.

Terrence said...

On this blog? Don't worry about being PC. It's the least of our worries. Good luck in Cleveland. And where have you gone, Rocky Calevito?