Tuesday, March 6, 2007

YouTube - Blue Man Group - I Feel Love

Donna and I are watching the UConn womens basketball team play Rutgers in the Big East Final game. The phone rings. I pick up the phone.

" Hello? "

" It's Pete. "

" Hi, Pete. What's up? "

" The Blue Man Group's on TV. Channel 2. PBS. "

Pete knows Donna and I love the Blue Man Group. Pete doesn't know how addicted we are to college basketball. Especially this time of year. It's March. It's madness. Madness!

" Thanks, Pete. Bye. "

Donna and I keep our eyes glued to the UConn-Rutgers game. Wouldn't even consider changing the channel. Well, maybe we would. If The Blue Man Group were playing Gonzaga.

YouTube - Blue Man Group - I Feel Love

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