Friday, March 30, 2007

The Amber Alert has been cancelled for Ron Reagan.

Reagan, son of the late president Ronald Reagan, and co-host of MSNBC's ill fated " Coast to Coast " had not been seen nor heard from in months. He resurfaced today on MSNBC's " Hardball ( Without Chris Matthews ).

Mike Barnicle was filling in for Matthews today. Barnicle did not return calls which would have questioned whether Reagan would have appeared on the show if Matthews was there.

Maureen Dowd and Malcolm Gladwell continue to be among the disappeared. If anyone spots them, please call 1-800- THELMAS


Terry #3 said...

it's my understanding that Ron had pulled a hamstring after a particularly grueling pas de deux with the lead dancer of Bolshoi de Seattle. He's been in traction for some time tended to by his devoted mother Nancy. He is up and about now but, alas, (according to the cadre of dance orthopedists treating the former first son)the career may have suffered a fatal setback. And just when he was being considered for the lead in "Nijinsky" co-starring Natasha Kinski, directed by Roman Polanski, in her attempt to reestablish her own foundering career.

Terry #2 said...

Thank you, Terry #3 for the update on Ron Reagan. Now that he's " Up and about " I'm sure we'll be seeing him on the 21st century version of Ted Mack's Amateur Hour: American Idol. Or maybe Dancing with the Stars.