Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I had a good chat today with a very smart guy. Yes, I'm talking about Terrance, Terry #3. The subject: Scooter Libby. Terry # 3 went at it with Terry #2. Point counter point. Like Nick Von Hoffman eye to eye, nose to nose with Shana Alexander.

You remember that and you're probably thinking of pulling some money out of your IRA. You're 59 and a half, pushing 60. I know, I know. Don't remind me, ya bastard.

Where the fook was I?

Scooter Libby's being described today, by a juror no less ( Not Denis, or Dennis, or Denise, whatever the fook ' is name is) as being a " nice guy. " A fall guy.

In a word, a " loyal " guy.

In other words ( word ) : A good soldier.

But let's examine this a little more closely. What's " loyal " mean? Loyal to whom? Loyal to what?

Loyal to Cheney is one thing. But I think it' s more complicated than that. What Libby was loyal to, really loyal to, was The Cause. Yeah, he lied to a federal prosecutor and Fitzgerald thought that was a sin. Said our country's judicial system cannot survive if witnesses lie, purger themselves.

Justice depends on the truth being told. No truth.No justice.

But guys like Libby see things differently. Justice is just a slice of the pie. The pie being:

The country. No white lies like he told. No country.

Post 9/11 the concept of national security has gained weight. Like a middle aged cop addicted to donuts...

Ok. I'll stop with the analogies.

My point is this: In a pre 9/11 world, in a perfect world, the Disneyworld America was before The Attacks, Libby's lies would have been seen in a much different way. The lies he told to the jury recently were lies designed to protect not Cheney, nor Bush, but The Cause.

Cheney believes our country's very survival is at stake. Scooter kissed this man's boots and carried his water. Cheney may be and has been in undisclosed locations. Scooter was out there. Taking the heat. Taking the knife in the chest, then in the back.

For The Cause.

The integrity of the country's judicial system. The constitution. Sacred cows, both of them. But the country. It's security and its survival. The former are mere cogs in that big wheel.

The Libbys, the Cheneys. They see the wheel,and obsess on keeping it turning.

I'm not sure they're wrong.

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